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At TCM we have a huge passion and breadth of experience. Bringing new ideas to the table is what we are all about, having worked and consulted across sectors including construction and allied industries, manufacturing, oil and gas, farming, renewables, education, food and drink and local government. We will bring affordable, practical solutions to suit your needs and help you direct and manage your business and your team.

Dr. Michael Cash

Qualifications: B.Eng, PhD(Cantab), CFIOSH


Position: Director, Consultant, Tutor, Coach


Michael started his career as a Materials Engineer until an opportunity that he couldn’t turn down changed his path to QHSE management. During his career he has worked in numerous sectors across the UK, Channel Islands, Europe, North and South America, holding positions including Operations Director, Construction Group Health and Safety Director and Senior Consultant.


He firmly believes in keeping it simple.


‘Any solution should be fully understood by the client and their team; if this is not the case, it won’t be used. One solution definitely doesn’t fit all in business, and I prefer to tailor everything to the needs of the client, always with a keen eye on regulatory compliance.’


How do I gauge success? When a client is provided with a solution that works for them and they can administer and manage it without my help.


Mental health and wellbeing are such a challenge for so many people these days; everyone needs something to maintain their sanity. My passions are family, music, running, cycling, sea swimming, rock climbing and music. If I have an event in the calendar, then it’s hard to be static. I have my first Half Ironman this year and I’ll be running my 13th marathon in Amsterdam – that should keep the endorphins flowing!

Fun Fact

He still dreams of being a rockstar, who wouldn’t?


I built a small recording studio in our house, acoustic panels, the lot. I am on a music recording and engineering course at the moment and will be releasing 3 EPs of my own music over the next two years. You have to dream!

Giving Back

Michael also believes in giving something back and helping others in their careers. He has been Chair of the IOSH Construction Group, a member of the HSE’s CONIAN, a member of the Jersey Safety Council, Chair of the Jersey Occupational and Health Association and a Director of UKATA. He currently mentors other safety and health professionals through IOSH.

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