Health & Safety 

Our passion is health, safety environmental and quality management. We understand that not all companies have the resources and competence to fully manage this internally and we aim to bridge this gap. We deliver services to construction and allied industries, manufacturing, oil and gas, farming, renewables, education, food and drink and local government. We work throughout the UK, Channel Islands, Europe and internationally.


Our goal is not only to bridge the gap, but to help companies transform their team, as well as health, safety, environment and quality management.


We aspire to inspire.

bridging the gap

bridging the gap

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working throughout the UK, Channel Islands, Europe and internationally

health & safety management

The prevention of incidents is a passion for TCM. To help out clients manage QHSE we offer the following core services.

Auditing & Management System Builds

Our health and safety reviews are tailored to the needs of our clients. Smaller organisations may require a simple premises inspection; larger organisations may require a much more detailed investigation and gap analysis. All are accompanied by a review document detailing systems in place and a prioritised action plan for improvement. Our reviews are all conducted according to the requirements of UK law and the principles outlined within the Health & Safety Executive’s guidance on management systems – HSG65.


Health and safety management systems are built specific to the needs of the organisation. No one size fits all, however systems will either follow the ISO45001 standard or the Health and Safety Executive’s guidance on management systems – HSG65.

Health and Safety Policy Build

For organisations employing five or more persons this is a legal requirement. Our policies are built specific to an organisation’s needs, keeping things as concise and user friendly as possible.

Incident Investigations

In the unfortunate event of an accident or serious incident, we can conduct an investigation and advise on how to deal with the HSE and other enforcement bodies.

CDM Compliance

Whether you are a Client, Principal Designer, Designer, Principal Contractor or Contractor, we can provide you with help and guidance. This includes planning, managing and monitoring, providing information and assisting you with your duties.

Workplace Risk Assessments

For organisations employing five or more persons, these are a legal requirement. We offer expert advice in the completion of risk assessments for a wide range of industries and tasks.

CoSHH Assessments

Chemical management can be complicated. We help simplify this for you by either conducting the assessments on your behalf, or by assisting you in providing the relevant forms, examples and support.

Manual Handling Assessments

Accounting for more than 25% of all over 7-day injuries, manual handling is a significant risk in today’s workplace. We conduct ergonomic assessments in line with the HSEs recommended methodology, providing you with a report and recommendations to achieve compliance.

Fire Risk Assessments

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order requires all non-domestic premises to have fire risk assessments in place. We carry these out on a variety of premises, dependant on size and complexity.

Safe Working Procedures & Method Statements

In many cases, a risk assessment is not sufficient and should be supplemented by a safe working procedure or method statement. This helps communication of the assessment itself but also provides a common standard for all employees to work to. We can either document these with you or facilitate the process.

Site / Facility Safety Inspections

Health and safety inspections are essential for all organisations. They enable identification and control of potential hazards and ensure the ultimate safety of teams. Safety inspections can also be combined with safety talks relevant to the findings on site.

Behavioural Safety Programmes

When all relevant health and safety management systems are in place, team safety is dependent on the behaviour of Directors, Managers and employees themselves. TCM facilitates the build of behavioural safety programmes specific to company needs. This can include safety branding, systems building, training and mentoring.

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